Here Are Five Surprisingly Useful Things You Can Do with Cinnamon

You could probably find thousands of delicious recipes, both sweet and savory, that utilize cinnamon, which is a testament to just how popular this spice is! But, there are really neat things to use cinnamon for, besides a flavor of your foods. Yep, these easy hacks will have you using cinnamon in a whole new way.

Stimulate Hair Growth

A cinnamon treatment can help wake up your scalp and improve overall hair growth. Mix together equal parts of ground cinnamon and honey, and apply to problem areas on your scalp. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then wash as usual.

Treat Athlete’s Foot

Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties, which makes it a great natural remedy for fungal conditions like athlete’s foot. To make an easy treatment, boil 10 cinnamon sticks in 4 cups of water. Let the mixture cool, then soak your feet for about 20 minutes. Repeat as needed.

Soothe Nausea

The antioxidants found in cinnamon can help soothe an upset stomach when consumed in small doses. Make a simple “cinnamon tea” by boiling 1 cinnamon stick in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes. Strain, then drink warm.

Curb Cravings

Cinnamon can help regulate your blood sugar, and help prevent those midday cravings for something sweet. Set yourself up for success throughout the day by sprinkling a bit of cinnamon on your morning oatmeal or in your cup of coffee!

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