Make Your Morning Brighter with a Breakfast Sandwich From One of These Local Favorites

Whether on a weekday or weekend, nothing gets you going in the morning quite like a delicious breakfast sandwich. Of course, you can go the traditional route with a bacon, egg and cheese variety, but in a city known for its food, you can bet that there are a ton of more inventive options out there. Here are 3 of our favorite breakfast sandwiches, which are available for your grab-and-go meal.

Candler Park Market
1642 McLendon Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, Georgia 30312

Candler Park Market is known for a lot of things, including its wine selection, fresh produce, and catering services. But, what we love most about Candler Park Market has to be its mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches. Check out the Hamlet for a slight spin on the classic breakfast sandwich, with scrambled eggs, ham, pepper jack cheese, and avocado. If you’re a late riser, no need to rush out of bed to get your hands on this sought-after sandwich – the Market serves breakfast until 2:00 p.m. on the weekends, so you can place your order online and pick it up on your time.

The General Muir
1540 Avenue Place
Suite B-230
Atlanta, Georgia 30329

The General Muir is already beloved for its handmade, artisan bread, which is used in many of their delicious menu items. So, it only makes sense that a breakfast sandwich crafted from their bread would make it to our list of favorite breakfast items. Sample the best this Atlanta restaurant has to offer with the pastrami egg sandwich, which features crispy pastrami, fried egg, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and deli sauce served on a bun. Order it online for pickup, or place an order with DoorDash and have it delivered straight to your apartment.

299 North Highland Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

BeetleCat is known for its nautical, 1970s-style interiors and selection of fresh seafood and oysters. So, what does a breakfast sandwich have any business doing in such an establishment? We’re glad you asked. Every weekend, BeetleCat foregoes the seafood for a doughnut-themed brunch menu, which features delights like a doughnut breakfast sandwich crafted with crispy chicken and a fried egg. Call ahead to place a takeout order and prepare your smartphone for the most Instagram-worthy meal you’ll eat all week.

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