Job Interviews Do Not Have to Be Intimidating – Just Follow These 5 Steps to Prepare!

The pre-interview jitters are nothing to scoff at… they are very real, in fact. If not managed correctly, the anxiety, lack of sleep, or appetite changes can negatively impact your interview performance, however. And, let’s face it – a lot of us are in this boat with the coronavirus pandemic, which has left millions of Americans unemployed. So, if you have a job interview lined up, you might be feeling a range of emotions. Despite those feelings, it’s important to prepare, and we have 5 tips for you below:

Research company & position.

First, you need to understand the position you’re applying for and the company you’ll be working with in the future, should you be made a job offer and accept it. You’ll want to make note of the differences between the new role versus your current/former role, as well as its responsibilities, amount of personal investment, and so forth. It also will not hurt to know what the company does and where it is located!

Prepare the appropriate attire.

When you’re going to a job interview, it’s important to look the part – even if you soon find out that the office has a casual dress code. Either way, outward appearances make a huge impact on first impressions. You’ll want to look professional, rested, and well-groomed. It’s also crucial to cover body jewelry or tattoos that you feel might compromise your chances of getting the position.

Keep a master list of your responsibilities.

Even when you’re not looking for a new job, you should keep a running list of your responsibilities for your current workplace, as well as what you’ve accomplished in your time there. This way, you can prove to the hiring manager that you’re well-rounded, responsible, and motivated to move up the latter. Whether you track in a Word document or journal, it will be a great asset once you’re ready to move on.

Clean up your digital footprint.

Social media is a record of what you do, think, and who you share your life with. It’s also the first place potential employers will look to get a better feel of their candidate. When moving forward with your social media interactions, be mindful of how you engage and converse online. You should also look through your recent feed and scrub any content that is questionable in the eyes of a hiring manager.

Indulge in some self-care.

Sure, you can practice potential questions until you are blue in the face, but sometimes, too much practice can increase your anxiety, as opposed to quelling it. So, maybe it’s time to turn your brain off for a few hours and do something for you. Although the list of these activities is limited right now, you could still treat yourself to a pedicure, stop by your favorite local park, or grab some takeout to enjoy at home with your significant other!

Making our residents’ lives easier and more enjoyable is a primary goal of ours at The Sidney at Morningside Apartments in Atlanta, Georgia. We hope that these new ideas add convenience to your day-to-day routine!

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