A Little Effort Today Can Lead to a Better Tomorrow! Get Started with These Basic Recycling Tips

There is no denying that many of us long to make Mother Earth happy, and one way to achieve this is through playing your part and recycling regularly. Recycling is a simple way to make a difference in a big way! Remember, recyclables hold the potential to become new packages and products, helping humans to control the resources we use on the daily basis. But – did you know there is a right and wrong way to recycle? Not sure what we mean? Well, take a look at our tips for Recycling 101:

The recycling arrows are a clue, not the final word.

Although it’s smart to refer to the recycling arrows on packages, this visual cue is not the end-all-be-all. For example, many communities accept plastic bottles, even though many water bottles do not contain recycling markers. Even if the item is not recyclable through your curbside program, it may be through another local service.

Bottles, cans, and containers need to be empty.

Simply put, food and liquid can create problems for workers in the recycling plant. Some containers, like peanut butter, are going to need more than a simple rinse to get them clean and ready. We suggest that you use a spatula to remove food waste from containers, allow the containers to soak with soap and hot water, and scrub them out thoroughly. This step will ensure that your items are properly recycled.

Recycle plastic bottles with the caps on.

Many people may be unaware of this tip – but it’s important to recycle any plastic bottle with the cap on unless your recycling program specifically says “no caps.” After you wash out the plastic container, be sure to keep the two pieces together as they dry. Once they are ready to go, screw the cap back on the bottle and toss it in your can. As for glass, you’ll want to keep those separate from the bottle itself.

Keep plastic bags and wrap out of your recycling.

As unfortunate as it may be, plastic bags are not recyclable. Yep – just because something is plastic, it doesn’t mean you can toss it in with your other recyclables. Certain states, such as California, Hawaii, Oregon, and New York, have completed banned plastic bags. If your state still offers plastic bags, opt for a paper bag or bring your own reusable bag to avoid any excess waste.

And, whatever you do, don’t “wishcycle!”

Wish you may wish you might – but, as we said in our last point, not everything is recyclable.
“Wishcycling” –or recycling items you want, but your recycling program cannot accept – creates more waste and costs. It can also be dangerous to workers, since unaccepted materials, or accepted materials with food and liquid, can damage machinery! That’s why you have to recycle the right way.

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